Army Military Backpacks

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Army Military Backpacks Deal
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If you really need convincing...

I've tried a sleigh.I've tried pack horses.I've tried wearing everything and hanging all my gear off my shoulders.

But my camping trips just aren't working out. I'm sorry camping trip friends, it's just not going to work out. IT'S OVER.


What's that? A backpack you say? But who has ever heard of such a thing?! Why, it's a MILITARY MIRACLE.

These Military Backpacks are a lightweight, structurally enhanced backpack engineered for the long haul and tough work. With multiple pockets, adjustable straps and waist belt, plus MOLLE attachments on the front and sides, these packs provide ample storage and comfort for any adventure! They come in two designs - Hunter and Army.

1 large internal pocket
2 smaller internal pockets
Zipped compartment
MOLLE attachments on front and sides
Padded back and straps
Adjustable waist belt
Capacity: 20L

Internal Dimensions:
Height: 49cm
Length: 34cm
Width: 13cm
External Dimensions:
Height: 51cm
Length: 36cm
Width: 16cm

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