Biltong Packs

Treat Yourself to a Nutritious NZ Beef Snack! Grab Two 100g Packs of Biltong for $10 or a Four 100g Pack Flavour Sampler for $20

Biltong Packs Deal
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If you really need convincing...

South Africa has given the world so many good things (Nelson Mandela, AB De Villiers, world class wine and Cape Town tourism) that it's easy to overlook their delicious cuisine!

Biltong, a traditional dried meat snack, is often compared to beef jerky, but is in fact whole strips of cured and air-dried meat (while Jerky is marinated with sugars and other preservatives).

What results from this process is an appetizing and healthy snack high in protein, low in carbs and ideal for kids lunch boxes, summer barbeque platters, camping/tramping and more

Today's deal offers you several biltong/beefstix two-pack options for just $10 or a four pack biltong sampler for $20, brought to you by Mr. Biltong

Whether you're a certified biltong enthusiast or new to it's charms, there's sure to be an option to your liking!