Adjustable Photo Studio Backdrop & Stand

$44.90 for an Adjustable Studio Backdrop & Stand with 3 Backdrop Colours + Carry Bag

Adjustable Studio Backdrop Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Without a greenscreen, Smaug is just a tennis ball on a stick and Gollum is just Andy Serkis in a spandex bodysuit. Although I'd still watch the heck out of that movie.

Regardless! Whether you're getting ready to make some movie magic or you just want a decent background for your staff ID photos, we've got you covered.

This photo studio background comes with an adjustable stand, a carry bag, and three different-coloured backdrops (green, white and black). Want a bit more variety? Use your own background and fix it in place with the included clips.

Get snap-happy with panache, thanks to this handy treat!