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ASICS shoes Australia - the country’s favourite runners have landed at Catch

ASICS running shoes are more than just a pair of stylish kicks. Asics are innovative sports trainers with a design that prioritises support and comfort. ASICS are the brand of choice for professional and recreational athletes and have been leading the way in stability, breathability and cushioning since entering the market in 1949. 60 years of development and experimentation later, ASICS has created arguably the most high-performing footwear you can get.

Whether you’re after the perfect shoes to take your game to the next level, or just want to make your daily walking supremely comfortable, you’ll find what you’re looking for with ASICS.

ASICS running shoes are made from durable, high quality materials, to ensure the company's reputation as one of the top sporting brands is upheld. Such standards usually come at a higher price, but Catch prides itself on bringing you authentic runners at a price that won’t break the bank. Check out the ASICS range at Catch online now and save big on your brand new pair!

Find the perfect ASICS running shoes online at Catch

ASICS running shoes were introduced to the United States in 1977, when their performance and technical advancements began to become mainstream. In 1990, ASICS opened the Research Institute of Sports Science in Kobe. Many of ASICS recent technological and structural innovations in athletic footwear have come from this research centre, while they continue pushing boundaries to this day. ASICS athletes pay regular visits to the centre so that their shoes can be tailor-made to their body and movement.

ASICS Gel Kayano - Premium comfort and unrivalled performance

The ASICS Gel Kayano range features some cutting-edge features that you’ll love. From the moment you put these on, you'll be able to feel that signature ASICS comfort and support. This support-focused shoe is perfectly suited for mild to moderate overpronators and helps to release stress that builds up while exercising. The lightweight design allows for maximum bounce back with minimum impact, ensuring you complete your workout without injuries. The midsole technology distributes pressure evenly to help with the fluidity of your movement without sacrificing the integral support of the shoe.

Check out the ASICS runners sale online today and introduce some serious comfort to your training routine.

Check out the Asics Kayano 26 and Kayano 25 range online at Catch!

Professional runner or an enthusiast, having the finest quality running shoes is paramount for all. Enjoy luxurious comfort and improved balance technology of the Asics Kayano 26 running shoes for both men and women now available online at Catch! This range is unique as both Kayano 25 and 26 hugs the foot and cushions the impact to make your last lap as comfortable as your first one. The exclusive Kayano running shoes provide classic stability with enhanced shock absorption technology that’s durable. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, Asics Kayano is sure to win your heart in no time!

Welcome to the ASICS shoes outlet - right here at Catch!

ASICS running shoes are all about integrating comfort into practicality and style. The lacing tension is designed to create the feeling of a customised fit while the bright colours and recognisable brand pattern create a household name shoe that is known for its look, feel and quality. Shoe models are catered specifically for men, women and growing children - with added features or support depending on the athletes’ needs to ensure you always get the perfect fitting and supporting shoe.

We stock a range of ASICS shoes at Catch, most notably the ASICS Kayano 22 and ASICS Kayano 23. All of our products are authentic, and our range of ASICS shoes are no different.

ASICS shoes are perfect for any level of aspiring athlete and everyday jogger alike, at a cost that’s accessible to anyone and everyone. Experience the ASICS shoes difference today.