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Established in 1984, Drammock International has a range of products - everything from skincare, charcoal, depilatories to footcare and feminine hygiene. Charcoal activated products like the charcoal clay mask are made to absorb excess oils and deeply cleanse skin. This range of skincare products is perfect for those of us with sensitive and oily skin.

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Grab the best of charcoal formula products online on Catch. Pick from a variety of facial masks, clay masks and other products that give you an effective dual step face treatment. One of the hottest beauty trends of this year, charcoal activated products help to get rid of dirt and impurities and help clear the skin and reduce breakouts.

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Filled with the goodness of the soothing and healing properties of cucumbers and avocados, Beauty Formulas have introduced the Cucumber and Avocado Facial Mask to help draw out deep lying dirt as well as soothe irritable skin. Not only does this help rinse away dirt, but it also lifts makeup and excess oil. Cucumber and avocado leaves the skin feeling clear and clean.

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Choose from a range of products that help clear the skin from impurities. The Beauty Formulas are made especially to unclog pores to reveal radiant skin. The penetrating air-tight masks are ideal for everyone - that includes all skin types.