Bring life into a room with Botanica

Bringing life into a room is a hard task, even for the most skilled interior designers. Not all of us have design degrees, so plants are usually the go-to for bringing some fresh breath into a space. But when natural plants can’t be used, for whatever reason, artificial plants can take their place! Botanica artificial plants bring life and vibrancy to your home through a variety of different colours, shapes and textures. These realistics plants help add character, inviting the outside in. Stop running around aisle to aisle, wasting your precious time and energy! Sit back at home and explore the range 100% online at Catch! Once you’re satisfied with the Botanica plants in your cart, simply check out and wait for your goods to be shipped straight to your door!

Create a tropical oasis

Imagine stepping into your own personal oasis after a long day’s work. Wow your friends and family with a feature wall made from the Botanica 50x50cm Fern Leaf Grass Wall Panel with potted ferns and grass for extra flair. Did we mention that Botanica also deals in lights? That’s right! The Solar Spiral Lanterns are a must-have for backyard garden, patio or veranda. Available in a pink and yellow, these eye-catching lights provide up to 6 hours of active light, emanating a soft glow to your outdoors. And when it comes to unmatched cuteness, Botanica takes the cake. The X6 Artificial Mini Potted Plants will make an adorable addition to your table top, windowsill, whatever room you’d like to reinvigorate with a bit of plant power! All these and a myriad of next-level decor are up for grabs, right here at the Botanica SALE.

Artificial plants - no watering, zero maintenance

Not everyone has time for plants - they require watering, sunlight and care. One of the best things about Botanica artificial plants are that they require ZERO maintenance! Simply place into a room where they’ll be appreciated and forget about them. Ok, don't forget about them because they’re beautiful and you should enjoy viewing them, but you get the idea. So for those with fast-paced lifestyles, time-poor, or tend to be a little forgetful, welcoming some Botanica into your home is a no-brainer! Check out the abundance of plants on offer today, right here at Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals.