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CamelBak drink bottles & more | BIG CamelBak SALE

As one of Australia’s favourite CamelBak stockists, we’re all about bringing you the best CamelBak products for less, here at our CamelBak sale. Choose from a great selection of CamelBak drink bottles, in a variety of capacities and colours. Every CamelBak drink bottle boasts innovative hydration technology that will change the way you drink; from high-flow spouts, to wide mouth openings and leak-proof tethered caps.

CamelBak backpacks are a cyclist’s dream, providing effortless hydration on the go – no fumbling around with bulky water bottles ever again! In need of a couple of accessories to pair with your favourite CamelBak drink bottle or pack? Pick up a CamelBak cleaning kit, a set of replacement bite valves and straws, or a CamelBak reservoir. The Camelbak Lobo 3L Hydration Pack is the ultimate choice for adventurers and athletes alike. Super sturdy and easy to use, this CamelBak bottle sits firmly on your back while you comfortably keep moving. Just take a sip every now and then with the fit-in straw and you’ll keep going for as long as you possibly can! Don’t get held back by clumsy water bottles when you’re on the road or out at sea - grab a CamelBak Hydration Pack and you’ll stay hands-free and hydrated.

If you’re hitting the gym, you’ll want a quality water bottle that fits snugly in your gym bag. CamelBak drink bottles are built to last, making them the perfect addition to hectic lifestyles. The CamelBak Chute 1L Drinking Bottle is super sleek and comes fitted with an ergonomic drinking spout for zero spillage. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, this CamelBak drink bottle is the real deal whether you’re at the office, at home or anywhere in between.

An American brand born out of the most basic human need - thirst, CamelBak has been making innovative hydration products since 1989. With a range spanning reservoirs, bottles, backpacks and accessories, CamelBak is your go-to for practical hydration. Here at Catch, we stock a great CamelBak range, at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Quench your thirst with our massive CamelBak sale today!

CamelBak drink bottles are made to let you keep going for longer, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Whether you’re up on a mountain or paddling out to sea, a quality CamelBak drink bottle is an absolute no-brainer to keep you hydrated in a hands-free way that won’t give you any drag. Back in 1988, CamelBak founder, Michael Eidson, was competing in a 4-day, 100-mile bicycle race in 35°+ heat. To stay hydrated enough to complete the race, Eidson, an Emergency Medical Technician by trade, nicked an IV bag from work, filled it with water and stuffed it into a tube sock. He pinned the contraption to the back of his jersey and hit the trail, leaving his eyes and hands-free to focus on the road ahead. Hands-free CamelBak hydration was born, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Check out our CamelBak sale today and join the adventure! Best of all? Every CamelBak product is protected by the Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee. If they built it, they’ll Bak it! Buy CamelBak online with Catch today and get ready to save where it counts. Effortless hydration is just a couple of clicks away!