The best hair brush? It’s too Goody to be true!

Finding yourself a hair brush that does the job and feels great to hold is hard to come by. Goody has a great selection of hair accessories and hair brushes in Australia. No matter if your hair is wavy or curly give it some life and grab yourself one the most supreme hair brushes we have to offer. Brushing curly hair can be a hassle and also painful, but the Goody hair brush has a flexible pad for comfort that will feel like a walk in the park. It’s copper bristles also produce shiny hair for that elegant look. Add some Goody to your bathroom today and SAVE!

SAVE TODAY! | Goody products and accessories

Does having your hair tied up pull or snag on your hair? Sounds like you need some Goody in your life! With a comfortable secure hold and no-metal elastics, the Goody Ouchless No-Metal Elastic hair ties are the ultimate friend to long hair. Or if you want to add some more style to your outfit you can grab the Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics and add some colour to your life! Don’t look any further, we’ve got the best hair brush and hair accessories on the market! It’s only a click away!

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