Lamaze Toys and baby needs on SALE! - Catch!

Finding products you can trust for your newborn or toddlers can be hard in the day and age of knock off brands and cheap materials. Lamaze are the real deal and they don’t mess around when it comes to the little ones. Lamaze toys are in a lane of their own and are leading in essential baby items. The Lamaze Sit Up & See 2-in-1 Activity Gym is a perfect innovative way for your baby to rise and shine. With its extra plush pillows and padding to keep your baby comfortable and the harness to keep your baby safe, you can’t go wrong with the Lamaze Activity Gym/Play mat. Grab one today for you little bundle of joy!

Lamaze essential baby items are here for you!

Lamaze have the best essential baby items in the industry and they now toilet training your young ones can be a task. With The Minnie Mouse Magical 3-in-1 Potty that is sleeking a disney design you can bet this will make toilet time fun! The lift-out pot design makes it easier to clean and empty and the soft seat adds some additional comfort for your little one. You can also take off the detachable potter training seat and can later be added to the family toilet for that easy transition. Take the next step and save today with the Australian Megastore - Catch!