Survival first aid kits have landed at Catch!

Survival Emergency Solutions is one of Australia's leading suppliers of first aid kits, training materials and supplies. Nationally compliant with Safe Work Australia's Workplace Health & Safety Code of Practice, they're ideal for using at home, office and on travel. Your home and office each need a solid first aid kit - it’s a no brainer! In case of emergencies, it’s absolutely imperative that you’ve got the tools needed to minimize the damage caused in any situation. Keep your friends, family and coworkers safe with your very own Survival first aid kit!

The ideal medical kit is just a click away...

The Survival Handy First Aid Kit packs in some serious value with a total of 52 pieces of medical equipment. With all the essentials you need when you’re out and about and at home alike, this is the most practical first aid kit you can get. What’s more, is it’s now more affordable than ever and delivered straight to your door - right here at Catch!