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Zoo York: Apparel for the urban jungle

Since the early 70s, Zoo York has stood out as the East Coast’s original skate and lifestyle brand. Championing forward-thinking mindsets and playing host to the ever-changing world of skateboarding and street art, Zoo York still stands today as the brand that embodies the street style and urban flair of New York City. With a wide range of clothing, accessories and high quality skate decks crafted with that signature Zoo York flair, this New Yorker brand is a favourite for born thrashers and casual cruisers alike. Check out some Zoo York clothing and fresh skate gear at prices you won’t find elsewhere, right here at Catch!

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The Zoo York Men’s Bail Sneaker is the perfectly padded shoe to wander through the city in. With great heel padding for skating and a sturdy sole for soft landings, this high-top sneaker is a great accompaniment to city living. You’ll find this rad pair in a choice of Tan or Navy colour, right here at Catch! If you’re after a solid pair of skate shoes, lounging slippers or anything in between, you’ll find some great choices for less, here at the home of screamin’ good deals!

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The Zoo York Men’s Sidewinder Tee is a retro favourite with comfortable feel. This baseball tee design pairs perfectly with jeans and shorts alike, for a simply stylish street look that’s as comfortable as it is classic. The Zoo York Men’s Electric Short Sleeve Tee features a bold ‘Zoo York City’ skyline and bold dual colour tones. These rad tees are on sale right now at Catch, so you can stock up on some great looks without busting the bank.

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