Stainless Steel Work Bench

From $129 for a Stainless Steel Work Bench from Kmall

Stainless Steel Work Bench Deal
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If you really need convincing...

I'm sick of feeling crowded when I'm at my work bench. All these bits and pieces, gewgaws, doodads, tchotkes and miscellaneous pieces of cruft have entirely taken over my bench. Why do I need a 300 piece collection of troll dolls in my workshop? What's in those murky jars at the back? Where did this plaster bust of Beethoven come from? There's barely any room left to work!

But when it comes down to it, I'm just not ruthless enough to clear any bench space. I can't face the pleading eyes on those troll dolls. I'm just going to get a whole new bench.

And today's treat from Kmall is just the thing! Pick up one of these stainless steel work benches, available in four sizes. These sturdy benches are fully-welded to hold up hard work. They also feature a shelf beneath the work space, making it easy to stow your equipment out of the way but within reach.

Brilliant - plenty of room for me to get on with the serious work of painting my Star Wars miniatures.