Neoprene Exercise Gear

$14 for a Neoprene Exercise Bra or Stomach Belt or $24 for Neoprene Exercise Tights Designed to Increase Perspiration (Buy 2 or 3 Items and Save More)

Neoprene Exercise Gear Deal
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If you really need convincing...

There's good sweat and there's bad sweat.

Bad sweat is being stuck in a boiling car in a February traffic jam on SH1, the kind of sweat that trickles down your brow like some malignant ooze while you think about all the things you'd rather be doing.

Good sweat is 30 minutes spent doing those things vigorously and full of passion.

Neoprene exercise gear is designed to help you in your procurement of the proverbial 'good sweat', turning up the heat up on your body and increasing your perspiration while you exercise or go about your daily activities. 

Warning: may be deadly for any small local lifeforms flying at armpit height