Downy Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Baby Gentle 900mL

Soft and gentle on the most delicate of fabrics, this conditioner is a natural choice for your everyday laundry, including baby clothes. The concentrate formula features a long lasting fragrance to leave your whole wash smelling nice, whilst helping to make ironing easier and reduce static cling.


  • Downy Fabric Conditioner Concentrate 900mL
  • Fragrance: Baby Gentle
  • Suitable for front and top loaders
  • Gentle formula; suitable for baby clothes
  • Delicate fragrance
  • Centred handle for easy left/right hand pouring
  • Cap doubles as pouring cup
  • Can be used for hand washing (2/3 cap for 15-20 garments)
  • Country of origin: N/A

Safe Storage Advice:

  • Store laundry detergent or dishwashing capsules up high, out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • If stored in lower accessible cabinets/cupboards, these should be secured with child resistant locks.
  • Keep capsules/packets in their original container, fully closed between uses.