Scanpan CTX Covered Saucepan 1.8L

Here's a tidy little saucepan for gravies, vegetables and side dishes. It'll do the trick but won't take up too much space in either the cupboard or the stovetop.

By combining the best features of their stainless steel and aluminium lines, Scanpan have created CTX '" their most convenient pans yet!

Each pan features 5-ply construction for superior performance and maximum versatility.

On the exterior, satin-finish stainless steel cladding makes CTX attractive, durable, and '" most importantly '" compatible with all types of hobs.

At the core of each pan, three layers of aluminium and aluminium alloy stretch from rim to rim, adding strength while promoting rapid and even heating.

On the inside, Scanpan's PFOA-free ceramic titanium technology makes CTX easier to use and longer lasting than any other nonstick cookware around.

CTX cookware additionally features cast steel handles that stay cool longer. Most models include 2-tone stain

Construction 5-ply aluminium and steel Surface: Greentek ceramic titanium nonstickHandles: Cast stainless steelLid: Tempered glass and stainless steel
Capacity 1.8L
Dimension 16cm
Made in Denmark
Metal Utensil Safe Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes
Warranty 10 years