Car Bluetooth Kit

$29 for a Smart 4-In-1 Car Bluetooth Kit with Dual USB Charging Ports, Plus FM Transmitter & Extra 12-24V Socket

Car Bluetooth Kit Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Technology in 2016 is all about practicality - your smartphone is numerous devices in one small package, saving you money and precious time

This smart 4-In-1 car bluetooth kit follows the same concept - why buy separate devices for different functions when you can grab one that does it all?

Charge your devices while listening to the built-in radio, tunes off your phone or making calls using handsfree, bluetooth technology. The in-built microphone improves the quality of the transmission with CVC noise and echo suppression

Simply pop it into your car's cigarette light socket, sync up your device and Bob's your technologically-savvy uncle!