Heavy Duty Gun Safes

From $199 for Gun Cabinets from TSB Living

Heavy Duty Gun Safes Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Okay, it turns out I'm less of a safe-cracker and more of a safe-ruiner.

Alas, a life of crime is not for me.

Uncle Dennis is going to be pretty mad when he gets back from his hunting trip and sees what I've done to his gun safe, unless...

There's a chance I can scrape together enough pocket money to afford one of these heavy duty gun cabinets from TSB Living.

An advanced 5-way locking system secures your unit and keeps your children away from the guns. Incorporated with 3 locks on the side, one lock on top and one on bottom, the hinges are hidden so you cannot break into the safes from outside in any way. The units have an internal Ammo Security Box with a lock and you'll be provided two keys. All the keys have a unique serial code in case you lose your keys, you can request for a copy. These heavy duty safes are made of solid steel providing sturdy construction. The units are finished with red velvet base and shiny black powder coating.

So go ahead and hit Buy while I sift through the wreckage to figure out how many guns were supposed to be in this old safe...