Water Filter System

From $79 for a Water Filter System from Nature Zone Water

Water Filter System Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Today's offer allows you to choose between 2 great water filter system options:
$79 for a water filter system
$89 for a water filter system with a pressure reducing valve

If you are in an area with a history of very high water pressure or water hammer, it's recommended to use a pressure reducing valve. In most areas the standard system will be all you need.

The KDF30P is an ideal multi-purpose under-sink water filter unit. This system gives you a multi-stage treatment to remove or reduce chlorine, pesticides and metals (aluminium, chromium, lead, mercury and others). It's one micron Giardia safe, and does an awesome job at removing bad tastes and odours from your water. Using KDF55 and high quality carbon media, these can help with a wide range of water issues.

These filter units are designed to connect to the cold inlet hose of a modern lever mixer tap. If you have any other tap & plumbing arrangement in the kitchen cupboard, give Nature Zone Water a call and let them know after purchasing – that way they can include the appropriate fitting for copper pipe, plastic pipe or dishwasher tap.