DSLR Camera Lens Attachment Set

$25 for a Wide Angle and Macro DSLR Camera Lens Attachment Set Suitable for Canon, Nikon, Casio & More (or $45 for 2 Sets)

Camera Lens Attachment Set Deal
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If you really need convincing...

The photographer's camera bag hasn't gotten any smaller as the years have rolled by and technology has developed! Chances are, if you're serious about your photography, you have a camera and at least a couple of lenses. Lenses that take up valuable space...

Today's deal is here to help you extend the amount of coverage your photography can take in without having to buy new macro or super wide angle lenses, or as a space-saving substitute for carrying heavy lenses around with you when you take your DSLR out!

These useful and practical lens attachments screw onto the front of your lens (52mm thread for Nikon, 58mm thread for Canon) and either magnify (macro) or widen (wide angle) the scope of your lens. They're super cool, and surprisingly for photographic equipment, nice and cheap!